After the death of Paulinha Abelha, Anvisa publishes a list of prohibited slimming merchandise; check it out

After the death of singer Paulinha Abelha and nurse Mara Abreu, who died on the twenty third and third, respectively, The National Health Research Agency (Anvisa) launched a list of over 140 weight reduction merchandise. The report on the liver of the singer Calcinha Preta recognized about 17 substances that would have overloaded the singer’s organs and worsened her scientific situation, whereas Clevinho Santos, the husband of the forrozeira, revealed that he used his spouse medication to shed some pounds. The well being skilled had fulminant hepatitis associated to the use of capsules that promised weight reduction.

The names of merchandise on the list made by Anvisa are just like the merchandise present in the two instances talked about. However, in line with the G1, regardless of being banned, many of the slimming and warmth capsules listed are nonetheless freely obtainable on the Internet.

In a word, Anvisa stated that any product that makes therapeutic claims have to be licensed by the company as a drugs. “According to the regulation, medicines can solely be offered by pharmacies and drugstores, regardless of class (artificial, organic, natural, homeopathic, dynamic, amongst others).

Check out the full list of weight reduction merchandise banned by Anvisa:

50 Slender Herbs
50 Powerful Slimming Herbs – Natuviva
Sense Shot Academy
Tune Tea
Always Fitness Gold
Fit American
Be slim
Bionatti Emagry
black caps
Black Extreme Traditional Level 3
Black Extreme Ultra
slim black
blue life
Compressed dry capsule with goji berry
Body Slimming Capsules – Shou Shen Jiao Nang (Red)
Capsules to control the intestines – Tong Bian Jiao Nang (inexperienced)
a horse’s breast
A pink cranium
Cellulite Sense Off
Tea 37 Herbs – Denature
Tea Belly Of Dreams – Vida Fiber
Life Tea
Diabetes Tea
Diabetes Tea for Life – Pro-Herbs
Body Slimming Tea – Shou Shen Tea (Red)
Diluting chamomile
Chamomile further robust
Formula 1 Slimming Compound
Formula 2 Slimming Compound
Formula 3 Slimming Compound
Liwaib Slimming Compound
Dry Compound Belly
Melting fats Liwalib
Slim Nature Detox
Diet Slim (Herbal Extract)
Lymphatic drainage capsules
Elixir of Life
Emagil Fit
Always Fitness Gold Slimming
Chamomile slimming
Bel’s Slimming
Slimming 90 Comp 600 Mg
Energy Power
Slim Premium
Wellness Excellence – Herbal Extract
Red fats burner
Gold Rings
Good nature
Slim Finy
Fit Body Caps
Fit Max Black Diamond
Fit Max detox
Fit Max Red Gold
Fit Max Slim
Gummy Sense ReduxPower
Gym Power Fit
Taste suppressant
Ki Fina Corpus
Extra robust accelerator equipment
Slimming Kit (The Best Day And The Best Night) Best Life
Liver Cleansing Pack (Malic Pro + Bitter Salt) Dr. Lemon
Ladyfit slimming
Lida Daidaihua
Lipo da Dona
Lipo Fit
Lipo Fit Pro-Max
Lipodiet Blue Emagry
Level 4 lipid weight-reduction plan.
Lipodiet Rosa Emagry
Original Lipoextreme
Lipofit pro-one
Lipofit professional
Sense Liposuction
Lipotron Max
Master of Fit
Maximum Xtreme
Meg Herb
Best Life Best Litothamnium
Moder Diet
Moder Diet Gold
pure weight-reduction plan
Natuplus X
Natural Diet
New inexperienced
New Lip
Dr. Lemon’s new redux
Original herbs
Phytoplus X
Pink black
Pink Black Herbal Extract
Leverage Liwalib
Line of apply
scale back
Rest up Caps
Renew Fit Power
Saracura Cara Insulin
Dry Belly 120 Comp 600 Mg
Maxx Tummy dry
Turbo dry all the things
Sense Inhibitor
Sense Redux Abdomen
slim black
Lost Blue Kyle
Slim Special Thermo Blend
skinny gold
slim nature
Slim Nature Detox
Slim Premium
Turbo slim purple
Slim product
Stronger weight-reduction plan
Stronger weight-reduction plan +
Super tea Sb
Super Tea Sb Original
The Best Slim
All merchandise from the weight-reduction plan + line
All merchandise listed on the web site
Cat’s Stone By Yellow Uxi
life up
Women’s Life Herbs Menstrual Regulator – Life Herbs
residing and reducing weight
Narrow world
Xtreme slim


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