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Aline Gottschalg he was recognized with thyroid cancer. At the age of 31, the winner recalled the worry when she was coping with the prognosis of the illness, what she felt when she heard that it was a malignant nodule and the way the therapy was assault remedy, in an unique interview with Glamor Brazil.

Brazilian Glamour: What have been your signs earlier than you have been recognized with thyroid cancer?

Alan: I’m effectively and recovering! Everything was performed with God’s assist. I had no signs. I do my checks from time to time, however I’ve by no means had a thyroid ultrasound. In my blood checks my thyroid was functioning usually. However, regardless that every part was tremendous with my blood checks, nothing may get me out of my head that I ought to have a thyroid ultrasound. And that is the place I imagine it was the work of God and my guardian angel.

I requested my physician to order a thyroid ultrasound take a look at, which discovered a nodule. Which was already a worry. Shortly after this outcome I used to be requested to do a biopsy of this nodule and sadly we came upon that it was a malignant tumor.

Aline Gostchalg — Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

How did you are feeling while you bought the prognosis?

It was very troublesome for me. I used to be in shock. I used to be very afraid of dying. As a lot as thyroid cancer will be handled and has a really excessive probability of treatment, it is extremely troublesome to get a prognosis of a malignant tumor. I used to be stuffed with uncertainty, distressed, frightened… I did not need to imagine it.

How was the therapy for therapy sought?

My therapy was surgery. The whole thyroid was eliminated and now I’ve to do checks each six months and comply with up carefully.

How was the surgery? Are you cured?

I’m cured, thank God! Waking up after the surgery was the second I used to be most trying ahead to the previous couple of months. Coming dwelling healed is God’s take a look at in my life. I’ll have a second stage within the therapy, known as Iodotherapy. It is a therapy to remove remnants of cancer cells after the thyroid has been eliminated, with the intention of stopping the cancer from returning. In my case, metastasis was beginning, so I’ve to do that second therapy to get rid of potential cancer cells from my physique.

Aline Gostchalg and Fernando Medeiros – Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

What recommendation do you’ve for younger folks recognized with thyroid cancer?

First, belief in God. Then concentrate on searching for therapy. It was not simple for me to take care of this illness. At first I went in despair, I could not imagine it once I bought the prognosis. But worry provides method to understanding. You do not cowl that a lot at this level by being 100% optimistic, it is arduous. Look for a very good physician to accompany you on this journey, being surrounded by good professionals makes a giant distinction. All will likely be effectively in your seek for therapy and do not be cautious, at all times maintain your self.

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