Find out why the abuse of slimming tea may be related to the death of Paulinha Abelha

The death of the singer Paulinha Abelha, at the age of 43, warns of the misuse of medicines and teas that promise weight reduction. The death occurred final Wednesday (23), 12 days after he was admitted to the intensive care unit (ICU) in Aracaju. The singer arrived at the hospital with kidney failure. Among the causes raised are extreme use of tea and diuretic therapies. In an interview with Fantástico (TV Globo), Sunday night time (27), Paulinha Abelha’s widow, Clevinho Santos, stated that the singer used these merchandise. “Almost each week she drank, when there was a present that she wished to ‘take a break’, additionally these slimming teas.”

The endocrinologist Lúcia Cordeiro, president of the Brazilian Society of Endocrinology and Metabology / Regional Pernambuco (SBEM / PE), attracts consideration to the risks of taking slimming tea and weight reduction medicine with out medical recommendation. “There are many merchandise that declare to be pure, with algae and herbs, however they’ve poisonous potential. This is what occurs with these skinny strings: they’re diuretic, dehydrated and trigger the individual to lose potassium by way of the urine. to acute kidney harm. (instantly), inflicting kidney failure”, explains Lúcia.

Earlier this month, the National Health Research Agency (Anvisa) warned that any product with therapeutic properties, resembling these with a weight reduction assure, can solely be marketed in Brazil with Anvisa’s approval. “And this commerce can solely happen in pharmacies or drugstores, as a result of substances with therapeutic properties are thought of medicines. Anvisa reminds us that unregistered merchandise at the group don’t present the assure of efficacy, security and high quality obligatory for merchandise underneath sanitary inspection. minimal necessities, irregular merchandise symbolize a excessive danger of hurt and menace to human well being”, stated Anvisa, in a be aware revealed on the 4th.

The assertion additionally asks the public to be suspicious of merchandise with miraculous guarantees, which promise straightforward weight reduction or another kind of therapy, remedy or illness prevention motion. “All merchandise with therapeutic motion should be regulated by Anvisa as medicines.”

Liver modifications, which might lead to liver failure, may also be induced by utilizing slimming tea and diuretic medicine. “This is the commonest situation related to these substances, that are metabolized by the liver.

The endocrinologist clarifies that these teas and different merchandise that promise miraculous weight reduction and sudden elimination of irritation haven’t handed scientific assessments. “This is the distinction between them and the medicine permitted by Anvisa to assist with the weight reduction course of. They are medicines which have undergone a number of research, in numerous sorts of sufferers. By prescribing them, we find out about the motion and the doable unwanted effects. . , which we are able to management.”

Also in accordance to Lúcia Cordeiro, sadly there are individuals who mix these medicine with slimming tea, with the intention of accelerating weight reduction. “This is a danger. And there are additionally sufferers who mix diuretics with formulation, which leads to change, low potassium. This state of affairs may cause arrhythmia and even coronary heart assault”, warns the physician . She guides the public not to use merchandise with out Anvisa certification and to search for an endocrinologist, particularly if they need to use weight reduction medicine. “Society additionally wants to perceive that it’s not as a result of a product is pure that it doesn’t trigger unwanted effects”, stated the physician.

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