The husband became the father-in-law, the stepson was the son… Check out the partnerships of the ‘Pantanal’ team in previous works

The connections between the characters that we see right now in “Pantanal” have already appeared in fiction in a really blended approach. Actors and actresses who at the moment are lovers, rivals or kin had been performed fully in a different way collectively in performances of the previous. Can you think about the interpreters of Filó (Dira Paes) and Velho do Rio (Osmar Prado) married? Well, in “Robbed Loves”, again in 2014, that occurred!

– It is so good to have the ability to reside with mates who modified so many emotions for us alongside our approach in totally different jobs. I’m very honored to have these companions with particular roles. It makes me really feel particular too. I’ve to thank them for his or her partnership and admire them from far and extensive – describes Dira.

The actress, a minimum of, is one of those that shared scenes from different productions with different members of the solid of Bruno Luperi’s remake. Murilo Benício, the Tenório, and Jesuita Barbosa, the Jove, are some of the names on this checklist.

The translator son of José Leôncio (Marcos Palmeira) has additionally beforehand made some partnerships with present colleagues, in addition to Juliano Cazarré, who performs Alcides, and Marcela Fetter, the journalist Érica . EXTRA has separated a listing of connections that the artists of the Pantanal feuilleton have already had in cleaning soap operas, sequence and films: they’ve a stepfather, godson, companion, police companions… Check it out beneath!

Dira Paes and Murilo Benicio

“Oh, was Filó caught pushing Mary Bru’s eye too?”, he joked to Dira Paes when she was recalling a partnership with Murilo Benício in one other remake. In “Tititi”, a telenovela that aired between 2010 and 2011, Tenório from “Pantanal” performed Ari, the stylist Victor Valentin, and Marta was the Filó of the present nine-hour telenovela. At the finish of the plot, the two characters ended up collectively and tremendous in love, with the proper to the kiss scene. The actress additionally recalled one other partnership with Murilo earlier than the novel in fiction: “I was capable of work with him in one of his first works, ‘Irmãos Coragem'”.

Dira Paes and Irandhir Santos

The actors, who play Filó and Zé Lucas, met in one other undertaking earlier than “Pantanal”. In 2016, the two performed, respectively, the trainer Beatriz and the counselor Bento, boyfriend in “Velho Chico”. “How great it’s when paths meet and meet once more! Always great to work with you”, praised Dira when she shared the reminiscence with Irandhir on Instagram, who mentioned: “So fortunate to seek out you once more in such highly effective tales! I find it irresistible increasingly. “

Jesuita Barbosa and Dira Paes

In 2019, the actors performed mom and son in the cleaning soap opera “Verão 90”, a relationship much like the one which exists right now in “Pantanal”, as a result of, as Jesuita factors out, “It is Filó is a mom determine. The actor who performed Jove in plot 9 was earlier than he performed Jerônimo, the eldest son of Janaína, an envious boy who dreamed of being wealthy. “It’s lovely to be with Jesuita and to have the ability to have intense scenes with him, I see the progress and wonder of this actor,” praises Dira, who was additionally the mom of Rafa Vitti in ” Summer 90″.

Dira Paes and Marcos Palmeira

Who can be the previous companion of the actress Marcos Palmeira, Zé Leôncio from “Pantanal”. In 2014, in “O rebu”, the two performed the inspector Rosa and the police chief Pedroso. They investigated a demise at a celebration in the plot at the time and had been collectively in the finish. “My duo from different plots … Or fairly, different secrets and techniques”, described the artist when sharing photographs of “O rebu”. To EXTRA, she says: “Marquinhos is the actor I labored with the most and performed reverse roles in some ways: pal from work, brother (in the movie “Anahy de las misiones”, 1997, and “Irmãos Coragem”, 1995) , husband and spouse (in “E Ai… Comeu?”, 2012), lovers (in “Marriage of Louise, 2001)…”.

Murilo Benicio and Juliano Cazarré

The relationship between Tenório and his former pen pal Alcides (in specific, in which Guta, additionally performed by Julia Dalavia) shouldn’t be the first work of the actors collectively. They had been companions in a police team and likewise stepfather and stepson. In 2012, in “Avenida Brasil”, Cazarré performed Adauto, a personality concerned with Muricy (Eliane Giardini), the mom of Tufao, performed by Murilo. The 12 months earlier than, in the sequence “Task Force”, the two lived in motion scenes as Lieutenant Wilson (Murilo) and Irineu (Cazarré).

Murilo Benicio and Marcela Fetter

Even the actress who performs Érica, a journalist with whom Zé Lucas fell in love in “Pantanal”, is related to the cleaning soap opera. It was Marcela Cecília, the daughter of the mayor Adriano Marques Torres, performed by Murilo Benício, in the miniseries “If I shut my eyes now”. In the 2019 manufacturing, the younger girl had a youthful sister, Vera Lúcia, performed by actress Júlia Svacinna. The mom and first girl was Isabella, performed by Débora Falabella.

Irandir Santos and Murilo Benicio

This partnership is nice. In “Amor de Mãe”, which was proven between 2019 and 2021, the actors who at the moment are Zé Lucas and Tenório had been enterprise companions. Both businessmen, Irandhir was the villain Álvaro and Murilo performed Raul. At the finish of the sequence, which began at the starting of final 12 months, Álvaro finally ends up useless after a combat with Raul. They had been additionally collectively in “Stolen Loves”.

Dira Paes, Osmar Prado, Murilo Benício and Irandhir Santos

In 2014, the miniseries “Love Robbed” introduced collectively the quartet of “Pantanal”. The plot eight years in the past had a really totally different couple from the present nine-hour cleaning soap: Dira Celeste, married to Roberto, was performed by Osmar Prado, the Velho do Rio. “Osmar Prado is a life companion, one of my references. It was very particular to have the ability to be the spouse with such advanced and tough scenes to do,” Dira recollects. The actor’s character was a pal of Jaime (Murilo Benício), who, in flip, had João (Irandhir Santos) as his god and right-hand man. What a small world that is!

Irandhir Santos and Jesuita Barbosa

The photographs of the movie “Tatuagem”, from 2013, lately had an affect on social networks: “Few folks know that Jove goes to alter Juma for his brother José Lucas”, mocking the netizens. If in the cleaning soap opera Jesuita and Irandhir play brothers, in the function they performed, respectively, a soldier and an artist who fall in love in the late 70s. internet. “Juma will likely be ‘offended'”, mentioned one particular person on the web. “By rediscovering Irandhir we had been in search of a brother, and that’s what we do right now as characters, but additionally in an expert sense, now extra mature”, mentioned Jesuita.

Selma Egrei and Irandir Santos

In “Velho Chico”, six years in the past, Irandhir’s character additionally performed reverse Encarnação, a centenarian character performed by Selma Egrei, with whom Mariana was at “Pantanal”. For the actress, the position of the cleaning soap opera 2016 was one of the most wonderful jobs in her profession.

Camila Morgado and Caco Ciocler

If right now they had been brothers-in-law Gustavo and Irma from “Pantanal”, again in 2005 the actors performed the couple May and Ed from the cleaning soap opera “América”. In the present plot, the therapist and Mariana’s daughter (Selma Egrei) even kissed, however the involvement was not as intense as in the previous. In the 17-year sequence, Camila and Caco had been engaged in fiction. The character of the actress was the villain in the story and, in the finish, it didn’t finish with Ed.

Jesuit Barbosa and Camila Morgado

Another connection of actors from “Pantanal” is current in the remake of “O rebu” and this one can be very totally different from the present expertise in the cleaning soap opera. The characters of Jesuita and Camila, who’re siblings, like Jove and Irma, had been the lovers Alain and Maria Angélica. At the luxurious occasion that goes by means of the plot of “The rebu”, the two had been concerned.

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