The widow of Paulinha Abelha remembers the last moments with the singer

Still mourning the loss of life of his spouse, Clevinho Santoswidow of Paulinha Beerecalled in an interview with the journalist Carla Neves, from the journal Quem, the last moments he had with the singer.

According to him, the band’s lead singer Calcinha Preta was nonetheless acutely aware when she went to the ICU. “She was nonetheless speaking when she went to the ICU. He requested what was occurring, however he did not perceive too many issues. I instructed her: ‘you will be wonderful after which we’ll go dwelling’. On Sunday I went to the hospital and spoke to her. The nurse mentioned: ‘she does not need to eat, discuss to her, she requested about you at present, she mentioned she missed you, your scent’.”Cleve remembered.


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“I mentioned: ‘You need to eat, expensive! Let’s eat, let’s pray’. She then ate a small pig and the different physician arrived. She made enjoyable of the physician, who mentioned: ‘Paulinha I do know you, I really like Calcinha Preta, I actually like that music that Daniel sings, ‘Cobertor’. And then he began singing and so did she. But she started to sing in a method that she was in one other world. She was brighter, ? I requested the physician if that was regular and he mentioned it might get higher with hemodialysis.”mentioned.

However, it received worse the subsequent day.. When he visited the singer, Clevinho Santos explains that his spouse began to cease responding and After that, they might not discuss anymore.

“When I arrived on Monday, she already had a tube to eat. I requested what the tube was for and so they defined to me that she was unable to eat and was very upset. And I observed that she was already very swollen, her face, her legs, her arms, her arms. And then they needed to maintain him in order that he would not shake and pull the probe out of the meals. That was Monday morning. She was nonetheless opening her eyes and taking part in, me. By night, she was not responding. She might need acknowledged me, however it did not appear like she was herself. Monday afternoon, I received scared, as a result of she was already asleep and I referred to as the medical doctors to know. They defined to me that she was traumatized and so they gave her a sedative.”, he instructed.

“I hoped she would get out of there”

Without dropping hope, Clevinho continued to hope that his spouse would recuperate. However, with the enhance, Paulinha Abelha needed to be launched. At daybreak from Monday to Tuesday they needed to take her in and he or she by no means got here again. We requested a switch from one hospital to a different, with a CT scanner. She went on Thursday night time to the different one and issues began to worsen. We thought she would get higher, however she went in there, did an electroencephalogram, doppler, CSF assortment, did a number of assessments, collected urine and turned out, in the finish , that the worst occurred. “mourned the singer’s widow.

“As she was in the ICU, I slept exterior, in the chair, or in the automotive, as a result of I did not need to go dwelling as a result of I hoped she would get out of there. I misplaced 10 kilos till the day of her loss of life, they had been very tough days. I’d cease at night time and ask God to take me in her place or take her place there in the mattress. But typically we do not perceive the plans, the functions of God.” Clevinho Santos identified.

The artist died on February 23, 2022 and her loss of life certificates listed 4 causes of loss of life: meningoencephalitis, excessive cranial blood strain, acute kidney failure and hepatitis.

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