‘They fought a lot’, say the neighbors of Luciana, who was stabbed to death by her husband in Campo Grande

The neighbors of Luciana de Carvalho, 45, who was stabbed to death by her husband Inácio Pessoa Rodrigues, in Vila Silva Regina, in Campo Grande, instructed the Mediamax newspaper that the couple fought a lot, and that curses usually got here from the place of residence. The writer was arrested when he handed in entrance of the home on Monday evening (1st).

A 24-year-old knife employee stated he was shocked by the flies that had gathered in the home. “I labored on a farm for a very long time and when flies collect it means a lot,” he stated. The boy additionally stated that when he arrived house in the afternoon, he requested the proprietor who had the edcules, for him and the couple, to see what was occurring.

When Luciana’s home was opened, the physique was discovered close to the cylinder with many flies round. In the home there was nonetheless a path of blood going from the bed room to the kitchen the place the sufferer was. Luciana was murdered on July 28, and Inácio slept with her physique for 4 days till she was arrested, on that Monday (1st).

Neighbors additionally stated that Luciana lived in Corumbá and had come to Campo Grande after she handed a competitors for lunch at a day care middle. The home was rented by the couple in January this 12 months.

Also in accordance to witnesses, Luciana ran down the road a number of instances asking for assist after being attacked by Inácio. The writer has already been arrested at the least 4 instances, in accordance to neighbors. After the crime, Inácio was seen arriving at the residence round 2am and leaving at 5am.

occasion experiences

One of the incident experiences was recorded in February this 12 months, when Luciana reported to Deam (Delegacia Especializada de Atendimento à Mulher) that she had been residing with the man for 5 months and, after barbecue, the couple began arguing about it. tv gross sales.

Ignatius would then squeeze his neck and slap his face. The man would nonetheless name Luciana ‘mac a galla’. That day, the sufferer requested for protecting measures and requested Inácio to depart the couple’s residence.

In March, Luciana known as the police at her home once more, telling the police that she was separating and that she wished her husband to go some other place. At the time, Inácio left the home saying that he would sleep in one other residence.

the femicide

Inácio killed Luciana with at the least 4 stab wounds and slept with her physique for about 4 days. When he left the home, he locked the home in order that nobody may see something. The physique was discovered decomposing in the kitchen.

When Inácio was arrested, the sufferer’s cellphone was discovered in his pocket. A witness instructed the police that Luciana had not been in contact for days and that there was a unhealthy odor in the again of her home. Inácio was arrested when he handed on a bicycle in entrance of the residence. He nonetheless tried to escape, however was chased and stopped 300 meters away.

Inácio stated that the crime occurred on the evening of July 28 after an argument between the couple.

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